Announcements and Notes from Their Excellencies

11/12/2016 Notes from St. Elegius

The Barony has created a new Order: Order of the Sunstone (Solarsteinn is the Icelandic word for a sunstone.)

Companions of this Order have helped to set the course of the Barony of Dragonship Haven by arduous and valuable service given over many years.

A crystal of Iceland spar in a small leather pouch–as it would have been carried by a Norse ship’s navigator– is the token of this order. (heraldic device to follow)

A sunstone is a crystal of Iceland spar, a nearly transparent mineral that was used by a Norse ship’s navigator. This crystal has the optical property of concentrating diffuse light into a single bright point indicating the sun’s location during cloudy or twilight conditions. Finding the exact location of the sun was critical in estimating the ship’s position. Sunstones were mentioned in the Saga of St. Olaf (Olaf II Haraldsson, early 11thC King of Norway) as a locator of a light source when viewing conditions were difficult due to haze, cloud, or smoke. Sunstones were also listed in inventories of 14th C Norwegian abbeys. It is in this sense of helping to find a noble course for this Barony when conditions are obscure or unclear–that this order has been named.

  • Mistress Gwendolyn of Basing, Principal of the Order 11/12/2106.

Mistress Renye Wurm offered her annual gift to the Barony in the form of a basket of cookies in lieu of a quince. She took as her apprentice Lady Cassandra Arques de Northmannia.

A beautiful appliqué linen herald’s tabard bearing the DSH Baronial Arms was made and presented to this barony by Mistress Eloise of Coulter, Baroness of Barony Beyond the Mountain (with help by the charming Charlotte). Baroness Eloise said she made it in answer to a long-remembered promise made to friend and our former Baron Adhemar Villarquemada. Lord Agapios Cargos lost no time in donning the beautifully detailed work of her hands and Lady Clarice d’ Allaines le Comte, DSH court herald-in-training, promptly attired herself in the baronial hand-me-down. Smiles all around!

Baronial Archery Marshal Lord Omelan the Left reported that the archers have been training hard and that Olaf Shieldbreaker has attained the rank of Bowman of the East Kingdom as indicated by his excellent scores. A Bowman’s badge was presented to Olaf in token of his accomplishment. Vivat!

In her Court at St. Elegius, Queen Anna called forth a couple of locals whom she recognized for their prowess in rapier and service to their fencing community: Lord Agapios Cargos was inducted into the Order of the Silver Rapier OSR. Vivat! Lord Christoffel d’ Allaines le Comte was inducted into the Order of the Golden Rapier, OGR so he may now be addressed as Don Target in the forseeable future. Yay!

The St. Elegius event stewards were Mistress Renye Wurm, Master Tristan de Worrell and Lord Patrick Michael of Dragonship Haven and they did a magnificent job from event announcement to set up through clean up. Special thanks to Lady Ameliah Faa for handling event registration and Lord Nicholas Le Noir for his help in kitchen & hall.

Feast Steward was Lady Rhode Kephalania with her amazing kitchen staff serving fabulous, attractive, and plentiful food while making it look easy. I saw Cassandra de Matisse, Yasmine bint Rashid, Sarah Byrd, Nick de Noir and others. Yum! Great job and Vivat!

Baroness Brose