St. Eligius Arts & Sciences Competition – November 11, 2017


St. Eligius is Dragonship Haven’s annual event focusing on the arts & sciences and is held in November. It features displays of work by very talented artisans from our barony and around the East Kingdom.  Prizes are awarded in several different categories including a Populace Choice, which is voted upon by all those in attendance.

St. Eligius will next be held on Saturday, November 12, 2016 in Meriden, CT. For more information, please check the event listing on the East Kingdom website.

Rules of Engagement for the St. Eligius Contest November 11, 2017 held at the St. Eligius Arts and Sciences Competition and Display, Meriden CT.


  1. Each entrant declares the contest group they feel best fits their experience level. Advice is available from contest registration personnel but entrant must make the decision.
    • Novices have entered up to 2 previous small competitions & feel inexperienced in A&S contests.  (Analogy: competes in Novice/Rookie Tourney)
    • Artisans have entered >2 A&S contests and have experience in getting feedback & refining their entry so it shows to best advantage. (Analogy: competes in Cadet’s/Squire’s Tourney)
    • Experienced competitors have entered several local or Kingdom-wide contests. This group also includes any Laurel whose entry is anything-BUT-what-they-were-laureled-for.  (Analogy: competes in King and Queen’s Championship Tourney)
    • Laurels & masters are either members of the Order of the Laurel entering examples of the work(s) for which they received their recognition, or any non-Laurel who chooses to enter in this group to demonstrate their mastery of an art or science.  (Analogy: competes in Best of the Knowne World Tourney)
  2. In SCA tourneys the combatants declare the winner of their bout. At the St. Eligius A&S Contest entrants in each group will score entries in their group: novices scoring novice entries, artisans scoring artisan entries etc. Orientation to scoring will be available for every entrant. An experienced and confidential consultant will be assigned to each group to advise and assist the individuals in that group. Be prepared to talk about your work and be ready to ask questions and score others’ entries. Get ready to wear both hats!
  1. Please bring your best entry of a single item or a body of work of multiple related items for the main competition. Bodies of work will be judged as a whole as a single entry. Additional items can be displayed or entered into special competitions.
  1. A St. Eligius 12 Question sheet should accompany entries in this contest (strongly recommended). It is OK to say “see documentation” and provide your documentation from prior competitions/displays.
  1. Where possible, images of extant examples or related items should be included to help those scoring your work. Sources should be generally regarded as reputable and directly applicable to the entry. Source location info should be provided so that others can look up your sources and find the same images and text that you found.
  1. No kitchen facilities are provided. All food, beverage, and cosmetic entries must have a full ingredients list to avoid foreseeable allergies.  We do not have a Baronial Epi-pen.
  1. Works-in-progress are very welcome.
  1. Works that are difficult to transport may be entered via photos & write-ups. Videos of works are permitted. Entrants must still be present to discuss their work and to score others’ works.
  1. Use of smart phones or computers to show images or references is permitted but not required. No equipment will be supplied, but you may share or borrow. NO internet hotspot access is available.
  1. This site is discreetly damp and alcohol-containing entries are welcome. Please use period-appearing containers and take your empties with you.
  1. There is no age limit on entries. Good work is still good work. Bring your best even if you made it 20+ years ago. If it’s a cordial it might be even better than when it was new.
  1. Please remember that encouragement and kindliness are very important. We’re all amateurs doing this stuff for the fun of it. Critiques are most helpful when suggestions for improvement are specific and presented in clear, friendly, courteous language. When in doubt, discuss your concerns with your group’s consultant. Plan to exchange contact information so if you have additional thoughts to share you can reach the entrant.

Some focused competitions are also being held at this event.  Designated judges will seek out entrants to discuss their work, but detailed written scoring will not be available for these contests. Works entered in focused competitions may (but need not) be entered into primary competition.

Baron Adhemar Challenge: This is a challenge in honor of the late Baron Adhemar de Villarquemada. Entrants are invited to display something that would have amused, or delighted him. His larger-than-life persona was that of a 14th C French Baron and he loved food, history, art, music. He had a strong singing voice and a laugh that could shake dust from the ceiling.

Artisan’s Progress:  Encourage others by displaying 3-5 examples of your work showing how your skill has progressed.  Please include something from early in your career (even if that was last week). Documentation should be very brief with rough dates of completion. Misadventures and failed examples are encouraged.

Master Alexander Challenge:  In the spirit of Master Alexander the Younger, you are invited to enter example(s) of your work in an art that is new to you within the last year. A special prize will be presented for this challenge winner.

Research papers: Research papers are limited to 8 pages & must be received in e-format by Contest Coordinators Mistress Renye Wurm <> and Master Tristan de Worrell <> by Nov 4, 2017. Papers will be read and scored in advance by non-contestants.

Don Christoffel’s Art of Combat Challenge: Choose your favorite period Master’s combat style. Bring documentation and/or a description of the Master and play you choose to use.  Describe the action and perform it for judges. The judging criteria will be based on the documentation provided, interpretation of the action, and how well your action represents what is described. It is recommended that you have descriptive props such as handouts or other ways to help explain your actions. For further info, please contact Don Christoffel <>. A special prize will be presented for this challenge winner by Don Christoffel.

Populace Choice: Vote for your favorite entry.  Most beans wins.

Baron & Baronesses Choice:  Catch their Excellencies’ eye and gain their praise and a prize.  The Barony of Dragonship Haven’s A&S Champion will also be selected at this event.

Not everybody wishes to be scored, so non-contestants are warmly encouraged to DISPLAY their works for the delight and amazement of the populace. Please consider showing your works and let us see what you’re up to. Show off your beautiful and marvelous works to amuse and astonish all those present.

Prizes will be awarded during court to the gentles achieving the highest score in each of the 4 groups: Novice, Artisan, Experienced Competitor, Laurels-&-Masters. Prizes will also be awarded for the judge’s choices in Baron Adhemar Challenge, Artisan’s Progress, Populace Choice, their Excellencies’ Choice.

Please come and celebrate the Arts and Sciences with us.

Prize Scrolls from Saint Eligius event

St. Eligius 2017
Criteria for Research Papers
(adapted from Northern Lights criteria)

 Each research paper will be also scored on a judging sheet to be received by entrant at the event. A St Eligius 12 Question Sheet is not needed for research papers.

Writing Quality – (Essentially “workmanship”): This score concerns grammar, spelling, punctuation; organization of thoughts into concise sentences and paragraphs that flow logically. Top score should be given for a paper with excellent punctuation and grammar with no spelling mistakes. Entrants are expected to write at a 12th grade level with attention to grammar and spelling. If English is not the writer’s first language, that should be specified in the submission and scorers are asked to take that into account during their deliberations.

Research/Use of Sources – Effective use of quality sources, appropriateness of sources, and completeness of sources for the purpose of formulating an argument or providing knowledge.  Entrants should use an appropriate number of sources to write an effective paper/report (generally more than two), and should be able to identify “good quality” sources.  Credible web sites, including those run by museums, universities, or other well-researched sites, may be used. Caution should be used with web sites such as Wikipedia.  Each source must be measured in the context of its application.

Documentation/Citation of Sources  — Complete citation of all sources.  A high score would be appropriate for someone who has thoroughly cited their statements and provided an intelligently formatted bibliography that includes all citations. (A standard bibliography style need not be chosen as long as all the relevant information is present to allow the reader to accurately locate the sources. An “Additional Works Consulted” list is also appropriate if other sources are not directly cited but have informed the writer’s understanding of the topic.  Top score is given to a paper that utilizes and accurately cites its sources.

Organization/Structure – Papers should receive top marks if they have a clear introduction of the thesis or question, a solid body of information, and an accurate conclusion well-supported by the text. The organizational structure should meet the objective of the paper’s stated topic.

Knowledge Transfer/Thought Process – Evaluates the presentation of the information. Paper explains all terminology and concepts for the lay person.  It also informs the reader and/or uses critical thought to evaluate information and develop conclusions.  Length of paper is appropriate for topic. Scope of the topic is appropriate for the length of the paper, allowing all germane questions to be raised and answered  The paper present supportable and logical arguments and conclusions The  reader can develop a solid understanding of what the writer has presented?

Overall Impression – Highest scores should be received by those papers that are executed very well.  They utilize clear writing techniques, accurate documentation of sources, appropriate use of sources, thorough and well-targeted research, and provide a solid argument or complete report.  Points may also be given here for creativity or for taking a unique perspective on the topic.

The Dragonship Haven Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion will be chosen at this event to represent this Barony in the coming year.

Prizes will be awarded during court to the gentles achieving the highest score in each St. Eligius Contest group: Novice A, Novice B, Artisan, Experienced competitor, Laurels-&-masters. Prizes will also be awarded for highest scores in Collaboration, Misadventures!, Artisan’s Progress, Medieval Moment, SCA Kluge, Populace Choice, their Excellencies’ Choice, Art of Fencing Challenge and Rapier Tourney. By Lady Cassandra de Matisse’s hand, a prize will be presented to the Master Alexander Challenge winner. Please come and celebrate with us!

 2016 Results

St. Eligius is an Arts and Sciences event with several contests occurring concurrently. The centerpiece of the event is a contest called St. Eligius. Its theme is that, like SCA martial bouts, the entrants score each other’s entries. Entrants are advised by consultants who help them with the process of scoring other’s entries. Each entrant must participate in both scoring and being scored. It’s a complex experience of learning new viewpoints and skills.

I greatly appreciate the enthusiastic help rendered to entrants by this year’s consultants:

Mistress Ysemay Sterlyng and Princess Vivian of Acre working with Novice A&B entrants.

Mistress Briony of Chatham working with Artisans

Mistress Sarah Davies of Monmouth working with Experienced Competitors

Mistress Vienna de la Mer working with Laurels and masters.

Top scores were earned by:

Novice: Lady Aziiza al-Shirazyya, OSB

Artisan: Lady Arabella de Mer , AGL (Award of the Golden Lyre)

Experienced Competitor: Lady Alys Treeby ,OM

Laurels & Masters: Master Donovan Shinnock, MoD

A number of special competitions were judged by volunteer staff members: Lady Rhode Kephalania, Lady Elizabeth Ives, Mistress Ciara McRobbie, Master Magnus Hvalmagi, Lady Cassandra de Matisse and others who are enshrined in my lost my notes. I’m sorry. Thank you all for your good help.

Registration and tabulation for these contests were handled by Master Joseph of the Red Griffin, Baron of Dragonship Haven. He singlehandedly did a spectacular job of making this all work. Vivat! And thank you from the very bottom of my heart. You are my hero.

Baron Adhemar Challenge was won by Master Qatagin-u Jajiradi called Jaji.

Collaboration (group) Lord Christoffel d’ Allaines le Comte OGR, Lady Isabella d’ Allaines le Comte OM & Lord Agapios Cargos OSR and Evelyn Peyton for their entry concerning an English Tavern Brawl and how to survive one.

Misadventure: Victoria Holland for cardweaving with cat

Artisan’s Progress: Kataryn Kit Mercer for seamstress skill

Medieval Moment: Lady Isabella d’ Allaines le Comte, OM for culinary adventures

Master Alexander Challenge: Mistress Renye Wurm, OP, OL recently started glass beadmaking.

SCA Kludge: Celleach Dhe for her multicolor knitted chain maille hat.

Populace Choice: A tie: between Lord Christoffel d’ Allaines le Comte OGR and Baroness Charitye Dale,

Lord, now Don, Christoffel’s Art of Fencing Challenge:

  • 1st place went to Lord Lorenzo Gorla Lorenzo, OSR
  • 2nd place Master Donovan Shinnock, MoD
  • 3rd place Lord Agapios Cargos, OSR

Congratulations to all the participants for an instructive and entertaining contest.

Baron Joseph’s Choice: Lady Emegar la Fillaresse

Baroness Brose’s Choice: Kataryn (Kit) Mercer

Dragonship Haven Arts and Sciences Champion: Lady Kathryn Ramsey

Vivat! to every participant, thank you for coming and for showing us your work. It is wonderful to see and to hear your sparkle and passion.
—Baroness Brose, Contest Coordinator

2015 Results

Winners from the 2015 A&S competition at St. Eligius are below. We had a lot of entrants and a lot of amazing work this year. Congratulations to all who won, and thank you to everyone who came out!

Novice A (in SCA 3< years): Morwenna with spun yarns (Canton of the Towers, Carolingia)

Novice B (New to A&S but in SCA >3 years): Symon de Poitiers (Dragonship Haven) with his woodworking in making a chest and variation of the Glastonbury Chair.

Artisan: Lady Vivienne de Dunbar (Settmour Swamp)

Experienced Competitor: Elena Hylton (Canton of the Towers, Carolingia) with her Italian Renaissance Camissa

Traditional A&S Judged by ‘Experts’: Lord Ernhardt von Stuttgart (Barony of Carillon) with handmade brass pins.

Master Alexander Challenge (an artform you’ve been doing for <1 year): Emengar la fileresse (Canton of the Tower, Carolingia) for her handsome leather bottle

Progress: Nero Camulus (Barony of Endewearde) for his torch-fired enamels.

SCA Kludge (item for modern purpose made with a Medieval flair): Chelsea of Gloucester (Canton of the Tower, Carolingia) with her cooler disguised as a Pilgrim’s bag.

SCA Kludge Honorable Mention: Sunifa Hennricksdottir (Barony of Smoking Rocks) for her medieval wooden and woolen beanie with absolutely outstanding documentation.

Novice B Honorable Mention:  Lord Doroga for his fencing demo (Canton of the Towers, Carolingia). Nice job and lots of fun to watch.

Baron’s Choice: Mistress Vienna de la Mer (Dragonship Haven) with products of the Bees

Baroness Choice: Lady Sarah Byrd (Dragonship Haven) with glorious sweets from the Quinces.

Arts and Sciences Champion for the Barony of Dragonship Haven: (Ulfgeirr’s Two-step Challenge–make a tool or carry out a process to prepare a material, them make something with that material) won by Lady Elizabeth of Rivenstar with her hand woven woolen fabrics. She started with raw dyestuffs and fleeces then carded, spun, wove these fibers into woolen fabrics and fulled them into finished goods.

2014 Results

Results of the 2014 St. Eligius A&S Competition and Faire. Posted by in Arts and Sciences.

Winning entry in Master Alexander's Challenge

Above: Winning entry of Master Alexander Challenge (new artforms undertaken within a year) by Lady Ysemay Draguignan.