Curia TLDR Version

Curia TLDR Version- Ionis & Hoenig 2022

This is not intended to be a full summary of Curia. A Proper extensive summary can be found here: with links to Greater Officer reports

  • Herald: The BOD approved use of PayPal for Heraldic Submissions
  • Seneschal: This was Medhbh’s last Curia as Kingdom Seneschal
  • Earl Marshal: Olaf is incoming Earl Marshal. Donovan Shinnock is his Deputy
    • Wilhelm VonOstenbrucke will be Kingdom Rattan Marshal
  • MOL: Digital Database is being updated. Authorization Paperwork has been 2-3 months due to having everyone need a re-authorization all at once. The shutdown has improved it to 3-4 weeks depending on submission method. Biggest problem is unauthorized marshals signing paperwork. You must have an active membership to be a marshal
  • Signet: Scroll Backlog is big. We need new scribes.There has been a lot of scribe burnout. We average about 500 scrolls per year. Mailing costs are high due to not being able to hand deliver scrolls
  • MOAS: There is a paid Zoom account available for branch A&S activities. Contact the KMOAS for details
  • Webmin: Challenging year (just like last year) Working on improving account security for anyone with an EK account. EK Discord has been created. Joel has set up a push from the EK Event Announcement page to Twitter and Discord. 
  • Exchequer: We need a SCARS (SCA Reservation System) deputy, and 3 regional deputies. 2021 operating on a $8220.35 loss. Mikajll is stepping down and needs a good replacement

Kingdom Law changes

  • Crown Tournament Eligibility to include fighter authorization date
  • Royal Progress Profit Sharing- Date pushed back to 2023. Mikajll suggests it may be better to move it to 2024 due to a lack of data for the effect of the program
  • These amendments were accepted as written by the Crown
  • Discussion about an Interregnum will occur at a Town Hall to be announced. Crown is seeking input from populace.