Current Baronial Officers

Seneschal: Pan Casimir Sarkastyczny.
Deputy Seneschals: Baron Joseph of the Red Griffin

Baroness Rhode of Dragonship Haven: Baroness Rhode Kephalaina (she/her/hers)
Baroness Wurm of Dragonship Haven: Baroness Renye Wurm O.L.

Chamberlain: Baron Agapios Cargos

Chatelaine: Clarice d’Allaines leComte

Chronicler: Anthony Campbell

Exchequer: Lady Maria Soshea.
Deputy Exchequer: Master Llewellyn Walsh (he/him/his)

Herald: Maestrina Chiaretta Di Fiore (Kit) — Pronouns: she/her — Term Ends: 3/2023.

Social Media Officer: Maestrina Chiaretta di Fiore (Kit) — Pronouns: she/her — Term Ends: 3/2023.

Minister of Arts & Sciences: Tobias Bourdeau (he/him)

Web Minister: Anthony Campbell.

Mistress of the Lists: Luna Athanwulf

Archery Marshal: Position Vacant.

Fencing Marshal: Don Jean-Michel le Vaud, OGR.

Knight Marshal: Balfar Von Grunwald.

Thrown Weapons Marshal: Hans

Barony of Dragonship Haven