Officers & Champions

Baronial Officers

Seneschal: Don Christoffel d’Allaines le-Comte OGR
Deputy Seneschal: Lady Aelfwyn of Dragonship Haven, Lady Isabella d’Allaines le-Comte & Pan Casimir Sarkastyczny

Baroness Rhode of Dragonship Haven: Baroness Rhode Kephalaina — Pronouns: she/her
(email coming soon): Baroness Renye Wurm O.L.

Chamberlain: Baron Agapios Cargos

Chatelaine: Lady Dionisia De Gesso Volpe

Chronicler: Lady Isabel de Roys (Belle)

Exchequer: Lady Maria Soshea
Deputy Exchequer: Master Llewellyn Walsh

Herald: Maestrina Chiaretta Di Fiore (Kit) — Pronouns: she/her — Term Ends: 3/2022

Social Media Officer: Maestrina Chiaretta di Fiore (Kit) — Pronouns: she/her — Term Ends: 11/2022

Minister of Arts & Sciences: Lady Umm Butrus A’isha al-Anida

Web Minister: Lady Isabel de Roys (Belle)

Minister of the Lists:  Pan Casimir Sarkastyczny

Archery Marshal
: Pan Casimir Sarkastyczny

Fencing Marshal
: Don Jean-Michel le Vaud, OGR

Knight Marshal: Sir Viktor Dominik

Thrown Weapons Marshal
: Master Leon the Navigator


Baronial Champions

Updated 10/27/2019

Heavy Weapons Champion: Sir Viktor Dominic (as of 10/19/19)
Thrown Weapons Champion: Wymac de Glen (as of 10/19/19)
Archery Champion: Lord Casimir Sarkastyczny (as of 10/19/19)
Fencing Champion: Master Llewellyn Walsh (as of 10/19/19)
Arts & Sciences Champion: Baron Agapios Cargos (as of 11/16/19)