Candidates Catalina & Llewellyn

Letter of Intent

April 17, 2018

To their Excellencies the Baron and Baroness, Don Christoffel d’Allaines Le-Comte, Seneschal,
and the populace of Dragonship Haven, we, Baroness Catalina de Valencia and Don Llewellyn
Walsh, send greetings. We write with the intent to announce our wish to run for the position of
Baroness and Baron of Dragonship Haven in service to the Kingdom of the East and to the
Barony of Dragonship Haven. It is with great humility that we would journey to take such a
venture to serve those who have made the Barony a second home to us.

For the past six years I, Catalina, have been a member of the East Kingdom and the Society.
Four of those years I have lived within the boundaries of the Barony of Dragonship Haven.
Within the past two years, I have served as Deputy Baronial Fencing Marshal and now I hold of
the office of Baronial Fencing Marshal. I am a member of the Order of the Yale, f the Worshipful
Order of St. Martin, and the Order of the Silver Rapier. I have received a Queen’s Cypher from
Her Grace Avelina III and a Court Barony by the hands of their Majesties Caoilfhionn II and
Brennan II, for exemplary service to the Crown as Deputy of the Queen’s Guard under the
tutelage of Baron Giles William Trout called Billy Fish.

I, Don Llewellyn Walsh, have been an active member of the Society since 2011. Initially, I
began my journey Beyond the Mountain where I became their Champion of Fence and was
inducted into the Order of the Defenders of the White Oak. Since then, I have also been
Queen’s Champion of Fence and am the current Champion of Fence for Dragonship Haven. I
am also a member of both the Order of the Silver Rapier and the Golden Rapier. I am a very
active member in the fencing community and have been marshal at many events. While I have
a strong focus on martial activities, I also find service and the arts to be important in our Society.
For service to the Kingdom, I have served on several Queen’s Guards and was presented with
the Queen’s Order of Courtesy from Duchess Thyra and the King’s Award of Esteem by Duke
Brennan for my service during their respective reigns. In service to the Barony, I am Deputy
Autocrat, under the tutelage of Lady Dionisia, for Balfar’s Challenge 2018 and will be stepping
into role Exchequer for the Barony, under the tutelage of Master Tristan, and I have also been a
book herald for many years and have helped many with registering their names and devices.
Lastly, I have been inducted into the Worshipful Company of Artificers for Dragonship Haven.
Although we have only been members of the Barony of Dragonship Haven proper for four years,
both of us feel that those within the Barony are a second family. Both of us were welcomed with
open arms and included so thoroughly that we have always felt proud to be a part of this
Barony. Over the years, we have seen the Barony grow and flourish in a way that we would like
to see continue through connections and relationships with neighboring baronies and through
recruitment of new members.

We feel that our connections to other Baronies have continued to evolve and we would like to
assist in continuing that forward progression by utilizing relationships we have with our
neighbors to create an open and collaborative community. Currently, we are friends with the
sitting Barons and Baronesses of our neighboring baronies Barony Beyond the Mountain and
the Barony of Bergental . Looking towards the future, we have close relationships with several
members who are currently running for Baron and Baroness in the surrounding baronies
including those of Carolingia and Bridge. We would be honored, and thrilled, to continue to grow
and develop supporting relationships with, not only, our neighboring baronies, but also, those
farther away in the East Kingdom to the benefit of all.. Together, we believe, our Baronies can
create an exciting environment with which to encourage member retainment and to draw in new

Another particular wish we have as Baroness and Baron is to focus on recruitment into the
Society. It has not been lost on us that there is a noticeable, and developing, gap within the
Society. Recruitment into Baronies is of the utmost importance to create a stronger foundation
within the Society and maintain its success. Two years ago Catalina decided, with permission
from the Barony, to coordinate an SCA demo with the local CT Renaissance Faire. We had
members from the Barony of Dragonship Haven, the Barony Beyond the Mountain, and the
Barony of Bergental participate in the demo over three weekends. The demo was so successful
that the CT Faire coordinators asked for us to return the following year. The second year of the
demo, we had participants from the aforementioned baronies and new participants from the
Barony of Carolingia. Between both years we recruited a few steadfast fencers and a heavy
armor combatant to the ranks of the Barony of Dragonship Haven. Additionally, the Barony
Beyond the Mountain recruited a few young members who have been excelling in the arts and
sciences. We disseminated much knowledge of the Society to the patrons. We saw a spark in
so many eyes as we boasted about the joys we have found in the SCA and all the while
encouraging others to give it a try. We truly believe that the future of the Society lies in catching
the imagination and the passion of those who attend functions such as Renaissance Faires. We
believe that those patrons are one step away from finding their niche in the SCA and we can
help them take that step.

In conclusion, if chosen as Baroness and Baron, we plan to hear the words of the populace and
continue to move our Barony along an exciting path of partnership with neighboring baronies
and to recruit more passionate individuals into our Barony. Regardless if we are chosen we will
continue to support and serve this Barony in every way we can to make this Society continue to

Yours in Service,
Baroness Catalina de Valencia and Don Llewellyn Walsh

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