Things to Do

Arts & Sciences
Dragonship Haven has a welcoming Arts & Sciences community, with recent or coming-soon workshops including enameling, silk banner making, brewing, stained glass, historic clothing making, and bookbinding. Please contact Lady  Holt Kincaid, our Minister of Arts & Sciences for more information and updates about A&S activities. Also check our Facebook Page, or our Yahoo list for Dragonship Haven <>

Heavy List
Heavy List replicates honorable medieval knightly armored combat afoot. It is a full-speed, full-contact martial sport that uses wooden (rattan) versions of medieval swords, axes, polearms, and spears while wearing appropriate armor. Dragonship Haven has weekly practices on Thursday nights at the Keefe Center in Hamden, Connecticut, and our fighters, once they have proven their knowledge of basic skills and safety, called authorizing,  regularly attend tournaments (single combats) and unit battles both in and out of CT. Some of those battles include Combat Archery, where armored archers (again, once after they have proven their knowledge of basic skills and safety) use specially-tipped arrows against their fellow armored fighters. Each spring we host Balfar’s Challenge, one of the East Kingdom’s first war practices of the year for our heavy list fighters, fencers, and archers. Dragonship Haven welcomes new prospective fighters. Please join us at our weekly practices. Contact the Knight Marshal ahead of practices to arrange for loaner gear or for more information.

Fencing replicates the later-period combat with rapiers, rapier-and-dagger/cloak/etc., schlager, and the like. This is the martial skill that ultimately became the sport of fencing. Dragonship Haven’s fencing practices are also on Thursday nights at the Keefe Center in Hamden, Connecticut. New youth and adult fencers are always welcome, please contact our Fencing Marshal or our Youth Fencing Marshal for more information.

Archery includes target shooting with medieval-style bows and crossbows, as well as the shooting skills for Combat Archery. Dragonship Haven hosts weekly practices on Sundays from 12-3 PM weather permitting,  from May through October in Oxford, CT.  Please contact our Archery Marshal for more details and to confirm whether archery will be taking place on a particular date. Loaner gear is available and crossbows are permitted. All archery gear must pass a safety inspection by our archery marshal before use on our range.  His decisions regarding safety are final.

Thrown Weapons
Enjoy throwing axes, knives, and other objects at targets. In season, our practices are held on Wednesday evenings. Please contact our Thrown Weapons Marshal for more details.