Baronial Custom

Baronial Custom for the Barony of Dragonship Haven V3-5 <<–Click here for a PDF copy

Baronial Custom for the Barony of Dragonship Haven
Updated October 24, 2019

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Barony of Dragonship Haven is to support the SCA-related activities and aspirations of the populace within its borders. The policies, procedures, responsibilities, and awards defined herein are for the recognition and protection of all the gentles of the populace who are served by this Barony.


Overarching Policies:

This document, Baronial Custom of the Barony of Dragonship Haven, shall be the guiding document for governing the Barony of Dragonship Haven.

  1. No policy or regulation shall be enacted that is contrary or at cross-purposes to that contained in the Governing Documents of the Society for Creative Anachronism located:
  2. No policy or regulation shall be enacted that is contrary or at cross-purposes to that contained in East Kingdom Law
  3. No policy or regulation shall be enacted that is contrary or at cross-purposes to that contained in Federal or CT State Law
  4. Any elements of Baronial Custom found to be in violation of explicitly stated laws of the SCA Corpora, East Kingdom, US federal government, or state of CT will be evaluated in the next business meeting and promptly  revised
  5. Baronial Custom can be updated at any business meeting.  
    1. A motion to amend Baronial Custom can be made at any business meeting. All proposed changes to Baronial Custom must be raised and discussed at a Baronial Business Meeting and voted on in the following baronial business meeting. The matter may be tabled for one additional month to permit further discussion. If a consensus of the attending populace not can not be reached, a vote of all Members present at the baronial business meeting will decide the matter.
    2. Baronial Custom will be comprehensively reviewed once a year in the month of October. The Seneschal will announce the review of custom in the September business meeting and will gather suggestions on changes and amendments. The procedure for raising, considering, and enacting changes to Baronial Custom is as described above.
    3. All proposed changes must be discussed at minimum at two business meetings one to raise and discuss the issue that has been raised with further discussion and a populace polling conducted at the next business meeting


  1. Populace are defined as those participants that live within the boundaries of the Barony of Dragonship Haven as described here:
  2. Members are defined as Populace that have a current membership with the Society for Creative Anachronism.
    1. Join here:



  1. Baron and Baroness
    1. Considered a Baronial Officer and will be subject to the review process outlined below for Baronial Officers
      1. Must meet all requirements in EK Law
      2. Must be 21 years of age or older.
      3. Must have lived within the Barony for two consecutive years in the last five years.
      4. Must have held a Baronial office, stewarded an event, and/or cooked a feast or dayboard within the last five years. If the above requirements are not met (but East Kingdom Requirements are met) an applicant can petition the sitting Baron &/or Baroness and the Baronial Seneschal and one other DSH Core Officer (total of 3) to be able to submit a letter of intent. A decision on eligibility will be made by consensus of the 3 officers petitioned.
      5. Cannot hold a kingdom level office while serving as Baron/ess
  1. Core Officers are those offices must be filled to remain in compliance with East Kingdom Law. By that law, all required officers must be paid members of the SCA and must meet the eligibility requirements to hold their office. Officers reports must be submitted to the Kingdom Regional Officer, Seneschal, Deputy baronial officer and Baron and Baroness, before the deadline determined by the Kingdom Officers.
    1. Seneschal
      1. The Baronial Seneschal (Business Manager) manages the administration of the Barony’s historical recreation, directing the activities of the Baronial Officers, interpreting and clarifying laws and policies governing baronial activities. The seneschal also maintains Baronial Custom and is responsible for organizing Baronial business meetings.
    2. Herald
      1. The Baronial Herald is the voice of the Baron/ess, runs Baronial court, aids the populace in the research of names and arms of baronial members, and manages the Baronial Order of Precedence.
    3. Exchequer
      1. The Baronial Exchequer (Treasurer) is responsible for all fiscal matters concerning the Barony, administering the check book, bank accounts, and event finances.
    4. Chatelaine
      1. The Baronial Chatelaine promotes growth in the Barony and SCA, encourages and welcomes newcomers, maintains gold key, and encourages and helps organize demos.
    5. Knight Marshal
      1. The Knight Marshal is responsible for assuring that appropriately warranted marshals are on site to staff  the Dragonship Haven Baronial heavy list armoured combat practice, The Kinght Marahal encourages new fighters, maintains loaner gear, and helps run local tournaments.
    6. Minister of the Lists
      1. The Baronial Minister of the Lists maintains accurate records of the fighting activities and the fighters of the Barony, coordinates the local sign-in lists, and works with the Knight and Fencing Marshalls to maintain an up-to-date list of authorized fighters practicing at the baronial practices..
    7. Minister of Arts & Sciences
      1. The Baronial MOAS encourages enjoyment and participation in the Arts and Sciences. Assists the populace to expand and develop their Arts and Sciences skills, encourages investigation into period techniques and artifacts, and helps organize A&S activities: i.e. classes, workshops, competitions, demonstrations, guilds, publications.
    8. Chronicler
      1. The Baronial Chronicler publishes the quarterly newsletter known as the Masthead, publishes meeting notes in conjunction with the seneschal, and works closely with the Web Minister and Herald to record Baronial news and business.
  1. Additional Officers are those officers whom the Barony may choose to have in addition to those required by Kingdom Law. They may be added or removed at the discretion of the populace.
    1. Fencing Marshal
      1. The Baronial Fencing Marshal is responsible for staffing Baronial fencing practice, encourages new fencers, maintains loaner gear, and helps run local tournaments.
    2. Thrown Weapons Marshal
      1. The Baronial Thrown Weapons Marshal is responsible for staffing Baronial thrown weapons practice, encourages new throwers, maintains loaner gear, and helps run local tournaments.
    3. Web Minister
      1. The Baronial Web Minister maintains the Baronial website and all electronic communications and official e-mail addresses
    4. Chamberlain
      1. The Baronial Chamberlain maintains a list of all baronial property and  helps coordinate removal and placement of items in the storage unit.
  2. Baronial Officer Terms & Limits
    1. Elections for new officers will be held at the March meeting in odd-numbered years
      1. The seneschal will announce upcoming elections at the January Baronial business meeting
      2. Letters of intent must be submitted to the Seneschal, Deputy Seneschal, and Baron/ess by the February meeting. Either paper or e-mail are acceptable  vehicles for letters of intent
      3. Discussion of candidates will be held at the February meeting with both officers and populace present.
      4. Any populace at the March meeting may vote on candidates.
        1. Proxy votes will be accepted per the terms outlined below
    2. Any elected officer may step down at any time. In order to step down you must inform the Seneschal, Deputy Seneschal, Kingdom officer to whom you report, and Baron/ess in writing (email is acceptable) of the date you wish to relinquish your office.
    3. All officers serve for a term of two years.
    4. All offices can be held for no more than two and a half consecutive terms for a total of five years. Unless otherwise noted by the terms of their office in East Kingdom Policy.
    5. All offices will participate in an annual review
      1. Officer Review Process
        1. Baronial Officer Reviews will be held at the June business meeting of even numbered years. Baron and Baroness will also be reviewed at this meeting. No officer is to be excluded from being present to participate in this review process.
        2. This meeting will hold an open discussion with both officers and populace about the work being done by each officer and officers’ needs from other members of the populace.
        3. If an officer steps down or is replaced at this meeting, their replacement will serve a term of one year until elections in the following year.
        4. If an officer is not able to fulfill the duties of their office, the officer may step down or be asked to step down by a populace consensus.
        5. Baron &/or Baroness who have served more than 2 years may request that their term(s) be extended at the March business meeting.
          1. A vote of the Core Officers by secret ballot will be accomplished after Officer Review at the June meeting or within 1 week of the June Meeting.
          2. If a majority of Core Officers vote to extend their Excellency(s) term of office for a period of up to 3 years then their term of office is extended to their requested term in accordance with East Kingdom Law.  
          3. If a majority of the Core Officers vote to deny the requested term extension a Baronial Polling must immediately be initiated in accordance with EK Law, anticipating the investiture of Heirs in February.
  3. Deputy Officers are STRONGLY encouraged and recommended. Each officer should recruit, designate, and train a deputy to share the workload and to fill in should an officer  be unable to fulfill the duties of their office. Deputies should be kept up to date on baronial matters that touch on their office.
    1. Deputy Officers are required to maintain an SCA membership for the duration of their deputyship.
    2. Deputy officers are among those who have a voice in cases where officers need to make decisions. .
    3. Deputy officers are NOT required to take on an office. If the officer steps down they are encouraged to assist a new officer to make a smooth transition.
    4. Deputy officers are subject to the same review process as Baronial Officers.
  4. Officers Meeting will be held once a year
    1. Officers meetings will take place in April, all officers and deputy officers are encouraged to attend.
  5. The Seneschal and/or Deputy Seneschal may call an officers meeting at any time during the year if needed to arbitrate a decision that cannot be settled (as outlined below)



  1. Kingdom Polling
    1. The Crown may poll the Members of the Barony of Dragonship Haven for any reason. The most common of these is the polling  for Baron and Baroness. The specifics of the process of polling is located in East Kingdom Law.
    2. Only those defined as Members may participate in this process.
  2. Local decisions
    1. Any person who resides within the designated boundaries of Dragonship Haven is considered to be one of the Baronial Populace and may have a voice in general decisions within this barony.  This voice may be exercised locally or, in accordance with East Kingdom Law, anyone residing inside the barony may submit written comments to the Crown to discuss concerns about the leadership and administration of this Barony. Such letters must be signed and contain contact information for the sender.
      1. Decisions on baronial matters will be made by group consensus at a scheduled baronial business meeting. Adequate discussion should take place to encourage informed decision-making.
      2. If the issue requires an immediate decision, then an informal polling of the attending membership will be employed.
      3. If the issue is not deemed critical and sufficient objections are raised, the matter should be discussed and tabled until the next meeting. One or more members may be appointed to gather additional information bearing on the decision. Their findings should be presented at the next business meeting.
      4. If the matter cannot be arbitrated or no progress is made toward a final decision on the issue at that time, it will be referred to the next officer’s meeting for review and a final decision.
      5. Any decision made at one meeting may be re-examined at future meetings.
      6. Actions and disbursements authorized at baronial business meetings must be published as part of the meeting notes of that meeting.
      7. A special meeting may be called by the Seneschal or Deputy Seneschal to discuss matters too urgent to wait until the next scheduled business meeting. A special meeting must be announced on the Barony’s official & unofficial electronic communications site and as many other methods of outreach as can be managed.
      8. Opinions of populace and absent members may be solicited via official and unofficial electronic communication channels but are not binding should a vote of the membership occur at the meeting.
      9. Limited and specific proxies (absentee ballot) concerning a single issue at a single meeting may be accepted at the discretion of the Seneschal. Such limited proxies must be directed to the seneschal or deputy seneschal via email or text not later than 72 hours prior to the start of a business meeting to be considered valid. The proxy must be that of a DSH Baronial Member to be counted in a vote of the Membership conducted at that meeting..  


  1. Official communications are those that are published on the Baronial website
  2. Unofficial communications are those that are on the Baronial Facebook page and the Baronial email list


  1. Events held within the Barony must be approved by the Populace at a Baronial Meeting in advance of the event. Proposal of an event must include: proposed activities, date, location, budget, event steward, and estimated attendance.
  2. Principal Event Steward
    1. Is considered an officer for the duration of event from proposal through post event steward’s report.
    2. To be the principal event steward, one must have co-stewarded an event previously with an experienced principal steward.
      1. Must have at least one co-steward who need not have experience as a principal steward
    3. Is responsible for all aspects of an event.
      1. Proposes a rough budget to be approved at a business meeting.
        1. Is responsible for making sure the Exchequer is aware of fees and costs associated with an event.
        2. Recruits, supervises, and supports other staff needed for the event.
      2. Gives monthly reports to the seneschal about event progress.
      3. Obtains a contract for any sites or additional services to be used for the event
        1. Seneschal receives and signs contract and keeps a copy
        2. Exchequer receives a copy and writes check to site.
        3. Principal Event Steward delivers contract and payment to site.
        4. Principal event steward approves advances and expenditures needed by event staff to obtain essential supplies.
          1. Steward informs Exchequer to whom and for how much disbursements should be made for the event.
          2. Staff are reminded that receipts must be kept and submitted to the exchequer within a week of the event for final reconciliation, reimbursement in time for the required exchequer’s event report.
      4. Writes a post-event stewards report. Steward’s event report should be completed and presented at the next baronial business meeting if possible or one within 6 weeks of the event.

Baronial Orders:

  1. Closed Baronial Orders may not be reopened.
  2. Open Baronial Orders are listed below. The Baron/ess may seek comment from currently active members of these Orders on the suitability of potential new Companions. Such comments will be kept confidential.
    1. The order of the Freya’s Cup is given to a member of the populace who exemplifies hospitality in its many forms.
    2. The Worshipful Company of Artificers is given to skilled artisans who use their art to enrich the lives of Baronial populace.  
    3. Worshipful Company of St. Martins is given to members of the Baronial populace whose exceptional martial prowess represents and defends the Barony of Dragonship Haven with distinction.
    4. The Order of the Yale is given to honor continued excellence in the service of the Barony of Dragonship Haven over an extended period of time. All inhabitants of the Barony are eligible for the award.
    5. The Order of the Keel is given to honor excellence in service to the Barony of Dragonship Haven rendered by a gentle who does not live within the confines of the Barony.
    6. The Fiskur is a small token in recognition of special assistance to the Barony that has caught the attention of the Baron and/or Baroness. It may be received multiple times. It is not limited to Baronial members. The token is a small fish in a variety of colors attached to a pin.
    7. Order of the Sunstone is to recognize members of the barony who have helped to set the course of the Barony of Dragonship Haven by long and valuable service given over many years. They remain active in guiding this Barony. The token is a piece of Icelandic spar, a nearly transparent mineral crystal carried in a leather pouch on a thong or necklace as it would have been by a Norse ship’s navigator.

Baronial Properties:

  1. Baronial properties are assets and equipment purchased by the barony for the use by the populace. Examples of this are…
    1. Gold Key
      1. Clothes for new people attending one of their first events or in the case of ‘wardrobe malfunctions’. It is highly encouraged that people endeavor to acquire their own as soon as possible.
      2. Typically maintained by the Chatelaine
    2. Martial Loaner Gear
      1. Rattan or Rapier armor and weapons or archery and thrown weapons equipment used to encourage participation by new members. It is highly encouraged that people endeavor to acquire their own as soon as possible.
      2. Typically maintained by the marshal for that activity
    3. Regalia, List poles and ropes, Signage
      1. Generally maintained by the Chamberlain
    4. Activity Supplies
      1. A&S supplies
      2. Generally maintained by the Minister of A&S
  2. Baronial properties are intended for use the day of the activity (event, practice or workshop). In particular Martial Loaner Gear and Gold Key are to be used and returned immediately after the activity is over.