St. Eligius 2017 – Results

The results of the St. Eligius Arts & Sciences Competition held on November 12, 2017.

Laurels & Masters
Mistress Agatha the Wanderer – Sprang

Experienced Competitor
Lady Elaine Howys of Morningthorpe – Gloves

Lady Aurelia Alfaiata D’Alacova – Nallbinding, Apprentice Contract, Embroidery Items

Lady Gnaea Celera – Roman Glass Artist’s Progress – Lord Otto Gottleib – Leatherwork

Baron Adhemar’s Challenge
Lord Christoffel d’Allaines sur Compte – Glass Bead Paternoster

Master Alexander the Younger’s Challenge
Lady Aurelia Alfaiata D’Alacova – Apprentice Contract

Research Paper
Lady Elena Hylton – The Tegle Fringe

Baron’s Choice
Lady Maerhild – Impruneta Cushion

Baroness’s Choice
Lord Olaf Olafsson – Stone Carving

Populace Choice
Lady Arabella De Mere – Tablet Woven Band

Lord Christoffel’s Art of Fencing Challenge
Lord Jean Michele Le Vode

Dragonship Haven’s Arts & Sciences Champion
Lord Ulfgeirr (the nice) Ragnarsson – Seax From The Ground Up


Photographs of entrants and their work can be found on Dragonship Haven’s Facebook group.





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