St. Eligius 2018 – Competition Rules

The 2018 St. Eligius Arts & Sciences Competition will be held on November 10, 2018. Event details, including location and fees can be found here.

Competition Rules

Questions regarding the 2018 competition should be directed to Rhode.

The St. Eligius Contest is an A&S Contest modeled on an SCA armored combat or rapier tourney. You must be present at the event with your entry to participate in this contest.

Competition Preregistration Form

Please consider preregistering for the competition to enable planning by competition staff.

*Changes to entry, level, and category are permissible on the day of the event.*

Experience Levels

Each entrant declares the contest level group they feel best fits their experience level. Advice is available from contest registration personnel but entrant must make the decision.

  • Novices have entered up to 2 previous small competitions or displays & feel inexperienced in A&S contests.
  • Artisans have entered more than 2 A&S contests or displays and have experience in getting feedback & refining their entry so it shows to best advantage.
  • Experienced competitors have entered several local or Kingdom-wide contests or displays. This group also includes any Laurel whose entry is anything-BUT-what-they-were-laureled-for.

Entry Categories

This year in order to better match contestants with judges, we will be breaking down each entry into several broad categories, it is up to the entrant to choose which category best fits their entry.

  • Paper & Ink – This could be fine art, C&I, bookbinding, etc
  • Metal, Glass, Clay, & Wood – This could be armor, jewelry, stained glass, cabinetry, etc
  • Fiber, Fabric, & Leather– This could be spinning, weaving, sewing, leatherwork, etc
  • Food & Consumables – This could be food, beer, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc
  • Research – Any work that is a research paper. ALL Research papers must be submitted by 10/27/18 to Rhode, we will NOT accept any research papers the day of the event. 

Judging Process

  • All competitors must be present for face to face judging and should be prepared to discuss their work and choices. All entries should include documentation.
  • Novices will not be judging, the focus is on their entry, work, documentation, and the experience of having their work judged.
  • Artisans and Experienced Competitors will be judging the group below them.
  • Experienced Competitors will be judged by a group of judges who are experienced in their field and NOT entering the competition.
  • All judges are expected to be kind and constructive with their critique, there will be mentors for each category to help with commentary if it’s needed. All judging sheets will be reviewed before submission for clarity and content.


Documentation in any format is encouraged at all levels of competition, however, the following formats are recommended based on the experience level chosen.

  • Novices are encouraged to use the St. Eligius 12 Questions sheet.
  • Artisans are encouraged to use the 12 Questions sheet or other documentation formats, as desired.
  • Experienced competitors are encouraged to use written or alternate documentation formats.

The St. Eligius 12 Questions sheet is available here. Documentation is typically prepared in advance, however, there will be blank 12 Questions sheets available at the event.

Where possible, images of extant examples or related items should be included to help those scoring your work. Source location info should be provided so that others can look up your sources and find the same images and text that you found. Sources should be generally regarded as reputable and directly applicable to the entry.

Score Sheets

2018 Tangible Entry Score Sheet

2018 Research Paper Score Sheet

Additional Information

  • No kitchen facilities are provided. All food, beverage, and cosmetic entries must have a full ingredients list to avoid foreseeable allergies.
  • Works-in-progress are very welcome.
  • Works that are difficult to transport may be entered via photos & write-ups. Videos of works are permitted. Entrants must still be present to discuss their work and to score others’ works.
  • Use of smart phones or computers to show images or references is permitted but not required. No equipment will be supplied, but you may share or borrow. NO internet hotspot access is available.
  • This site is discreetly damp and alcohol-containing entries are welcome. Please use period-appearing containers and take your empties with you.

Additional Competitions

Baron Adhemar Challenge: This is a challenge in honor of the late Baron Adhemar de Villarquemada. Entrants are invited to display something that would have amused, or delighted him. His larger-than-life persona was that of a 14th C French Baron and he loved food, history, art, music. He had a strong singing voice and a laugh that could shake dust from the ceiling.

Master Alexander Challenge:  In the spirit of Master Alexander the Younger, you are invited to enter example(s) of your work in an art that is new to you within the last year. A special prize will be presented for this challenge winner.

Don Christoffel’s Art of Combat Challenge: Choose your favorite period Master’s combat style. Bring documentation and/or a description of the Master and play you choose to use.  Describe the action and perform it for judges. The judging criteria will be based on the documentation provided, interpretation of the action, and how well your action represents what is described. It is recommended that you have descriptive props such as handouts or other ways to help explain your actions. A special prize will be presented for this challenge winner by Don Christoffel.

Populace Choice: Vote for your favorite entry.  Most beans wins.

Baron & Baronesses Choice:  Catch their Excellencies’ eye and gain their praise and a prize.

Dragonship Haven A&S Champion

The Barony of Dragonship Haven’s Arts & Sciences Champion will also be selected at this event.

A&S Display

Not everybody wishes to be scored, so non-contestants are warmly encouraged to DISPLAY their works for the delight and amazement of the populace. Please consider showing your works and let us see what you’re up to. Show off your beautiful and marvelous works to amuse and astonish all those present.





The Barony of Dragonship Haven