Shoot! No Pennsic!!

July 17th 2021 at Vasa Park in Meriden Connecticut

Event details

We were crest fallen that there would be no Pennsic this year.  We missed our dear friends and decided to get off our butts and plan an activity.  After a quarrel or two we hit upon the idea.  A wonderful idea that hit us like a bolt from the sky.  An idea that made us quiver.  We should take a shot at holding an Archery event.  So we stiffened our spine and set about to draw up a plan for an event that no one could nock.  Please take your best shot and join us at Shoot!  No Pennsic!!.  The range will be open and the arrows will fly.  We hope we made our point. 

This just in!
Baron Hrafn Breidskegger the East Kingdom Combat Archery Marshal will be doing Combat Archery authorizations, and will have practice targets as well.

Adult (18+):  $12
Youth (ages 6 – 17):  $6
Child (ages 0 – 5):  $1
Family Cap (Limited to 2 adults with minor children):  $30
Adult Non-Member Registration $17

Please go to The East Kingdom Calendar to register or find out more information.

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